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Shakespeare Quiz

1. The years of William Shakespeares life were:

) 1464-1516

b) 1564-1616

c) 1574-1626

2. When is Shakespeare's birthday traditionally celebrated?

a) April 23d

b) April 1st

c) April 15th

3. How did scholars find out the date of Shakespeares birthday?

) They used his baptismal record (church records)

b) They relied upon Shakespeares biographers

c) They explored Shakespeares will

4. Where was he born?

) In London

b) In Oxford

c) In Stratford-upon-Avon

5. What was Shakespeares father?

) He was a potter

b) He was a glover

c) He was an actor

6. Where did William Shakespeare get his education?

) At the Grammar School in Stratford-upon-Avon

b) At the Oxford University

c) At the Wittenberg University

7. When did Shakespeare get married?

) At the age of 18

b) At the age of 20

c) At the age of 26

8. What was his wifes name?

) Anne Morgan

b) Anne Vavasour

c) Anne Hathaway

9. How many children did Shakespeare have?

) 1

b) 3

c) 5

10. Which theatre was he a part-owner of?

a) The Globe

b) The Curtain

c) The Swan

11. In 1613 the Globe Theatre that William Shakespeare is commonly associated with was destroyed by:

) criminals

b) shake of an earthquake

c) fire

12. Shakespeares first printed book contained:

) poetry

b) prose

c) drama

13. In which of Shakespeares plays do the events take place in the Elsinore Castle?

) King Lear

b) Hamlet

c) Richard II

14. Which of these characters does not appear in Hamlet?

) Laertes

b) Claudius

c) Gloucester

15. Where did Hamlet study?

) In London

b) In Copenhagen

c) In Wittenberg

16. What was the name of Hamlets father?

) Hamlet

b) Claudius

c) Polonius

17. Who among the characters of Hamlet said the words: Frailty, thy name is woman!

) Cornelius

b) Laertes

c) Hamlet

18. What do the words to be, or not to be mean in the play?

a) To speak or not to speak

b) To love or not to love

c) To live or not to live

19. Whom did Hamlet mention at the end of his soliloquy To be, or not to be?

) Gertrude

b) Ophelia

c) His father

20. What was the name of Prince of Norway in Hamlet?

) Rosencrantz

b) Fortinbras

c) Guildenstern

21. How did Gertrude die?

) It was a suicide

b) She was murdered by Fortinbras

c) She drank poisoned wine

22. Who appeared to be the sly betrayer in the tragedy King Lear?

) Edmund

b) Edgar

c) Edward

23. What was the name of King Lears second daughter?

) Goneril

b) Regan

c) Cordelia

24. What helped King Lear recover after his madness?

) Magic

b) Encounter with his faithful friends

c) Music

25. In which tragedy the fool plays a very important role?

) King Lear

b) Othello

c) Romeo and Juliet

26. What is the name of the mean and base slanderer in the tragedy Othello?

) Caliban

b) Iago

c) Falstaff

27. Which object caused the tragic resolution in the tragedy Othello?

a) A ring

b) A kerchief

c) A cup

28. What colour are the eyes of jealousy according to Iago from the tragedy Othello?

) Black

b) Green

c) Blue

29. Where do the events take place in the tragedy Macbeth?

) In England

b) In Ireland

c) In Scotland

30. Which of these characters does not appear in Romeo and Juliet?

) Polonius

b) Friar Laurence

c) Tybalt

31. Where does the tragic resolution in Romeo and Juliet take place?

) In Mantua

b) In Verona

c) In Rome

32. What was the name of the girl with whom Romeo was in love at the beginning of the play?

) Juliet

b) Rosaline

c) Lucia

33. Why didnt Romeo learn about the secret plan of Juliet and Friar Laurence?

) Because of the Friar Laurences fatal mistake

b) Because of the Montagues intrigues

c) Because of the epidemic of plague

34. Who is the main character of the comedy The Taming of the Shrew?

) Juliet

b) Katherina

c) Ophelia

35. How many poems are there in the sonnet collection of William Shakespeare?

) 100

b) 121

c) 154

36. Who was the first to translate the complete sonnets by W.Shakespeare in Russia?

) Boris Pasternak

b) Samuil Marshak

c) Valery Bryusov

37. Which of the Ukrainian poets and interpreters translated all Shakespeares Sonnets?

) Ivan Franko

b) Dmytro Palamarchuk

c) aksym Rylsky

38. Whats the title of W.Shakespeares poem about the love of the goddess Venus for the young hunter?

) Venus and Adonis

b) Venus and Actaeon

c) Venus and Cupid

39. This thing is the essential semantic component of the characters names in the comedies Loves Labours Lost and As You Like It. Its also included as a part of the name of a minor character in Romeo and Juliet (this character is mentioned but not present in the play). Its often used as a symbol (a metaphor) of youth and beauty in many Renaissance works. What is this thing?

a) The sun

b) A rose

c) A star

40. Fairy king and queen are the main characters of the comedy:

) A Midsummer Night's Dream

b) The Comedy of Errors

c) Twelfth Night, or What You Will

41. Complete this famous and oft-quoted line from Shakespeare's pastoral comedy As You Like It: All the world's

a theatre

a stage

a performance

42. When it speaks, the voice of all the gods / Makes heaven drowsy with the harmony [Loves Labours Lost, IV.3]. What is it?

) Beauty

b) Health

c) Love

43. Queen Elizabeth I is a character of the history play named:

) Richard III

b) Henry VIII

c) Elizabeth I

44. Which of the Russian writers considered William Shakespeare to be a terrible dramatist and after having read his works felt irresistible repulsion, exhaustion and bewilderment?

) Leo Tolstoy

b) Ivan Turgenev

c) Fyodor Dostoyevsky

45. Which tragedy was interpreted through the prism of the Oedipus-Complex theory?

) Macbeth

b) King Lear

c) Hamlet

46. The Folger Shakespeare Library is situated in:

) the USA

b) Great Britain

c) France

47. Which item did Shakespeare bequeath to his wife?

a) The manuscripts of his works

b) The second-best bed

c) His broad silver gilt bole

48. Who was the monarch of England when Shakespeare died?

) Elisabeth I

b) James I

c) Charles I

49. Where was Shakespeare buried?

) In the Westminster Abbey

b) In the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford

c) On the cemetery in Stratford

50. Which of these phrases is written on Shakespeare's gravestone?

) The game is up

b) Curst be he that moves my bones

c) Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,

So do our minutes hasten to their end

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