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Ukrainian Shakespeare Centre
Published by Admin on 2013/1/8 (9084 reads)

Ukrainian Inter-university Shakespeare Research Centre

Ukrainian Inter-university Shakespeare Research Centre was established in accordance with the decision of the First International Shakespeare Conference in Ukraine which was held in Zaporizhzhia in April 2009. The conference was initiated by the Laboratory for Renaissance Studies that is a joint project of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine and Zaporizhzhia Classic Private University.

Priorities of Ukrainian Shakespeare Centre

Translation. After the fall of the Soviet Union a lot of new perspectives were opened for the humanities and Shakespeare studies in Ukraine. But popularizing Shakespeare heritage among the Ukrainians is still a vital question. Only a tiny fraction of the population is able to read Shakespeare in the original, so the success of popularizing and staging Shakespeare in Ukraine much depends on translation. Thus, one of the main directions of our activity is creating new opportunities for the Ukrainian people to read Shakespeare in Ukrainian.

Teaching youth. Another significant measure for spreading Shakespeares word in our country is to make the Bards heritage a core element of our literary curriculum. In 2007 Ukrainian Ministry of Education approved a course in Shakespeare Studies for secondary school. The Program for it was worked out by the Laboratory for Renaissance studies. So one of the tasks of the newly-born Shakespeare Centre is to prepare a set of textbooks, workbooks and teachers guidelines for this course.

Co-ordination. Another priority of our Centre is to initiate research projects and stimulate all kinds of intellectual and cultural activity in the field of Shakespeare Studies in Ukraine. For this purpose we created a website Ukrainian Shakespeare Portal ( which can serve as an extensive database and a dynamic system for the exchange of information. As for our plans for future we are going to organize bi-annual Shakespeare conferences, summer-schools for young researchers, seminars and workshops on different aspects of Renaissance studies.

Publishing a journal. In order to foster Shakespeare scholarship in Ukraine we have established an annual journal that is called Shakespeare Discourse. This journal is to publish works, comments and academic writings concerning Shakespeare and his works and we would appreciate it if scholars from all over the world submitted their articles to our journal for publication. Such submissions will encourage the dialogue between Western and Eastern parts of European Shakespeare research communities and stimulate the development of partnership on different levels.

Collecting a library. We have already started a process of collecting a special Shakespeare library which is unique for Ukraine. Thanks to donations made by Helmut Bonheim, Sophie Pashe, Stanley Wells, Balz Engler, Paul Franssen, Daniel Doerksen, Mary Elisabeth Smith and others this library will allow us to provide critical works on Shakespeare to our colleagues all over Ukraine.


Ukrainian Inter-University Research Shakespeare Centre


Address: 69002, Zaporizhzhia, Zhukovskiy str., 70B, 609a

Tel.: +38-061-220-09-08

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