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SOS! Ukraine needs your help! > Thanks from Ukraine, journal issues and international conference
Thanks from Ukraine, journal issues and international conference
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Dear members of ESRA and Shakespeareans from all over the world!

The Ukrainian Shakespeare Centre express our great appreciation of the wholehearted support for our struggle for democracy expressed by the European academic community. Shakespeare wrote that troubles usually hit where hope is coldest; and despair most sits and thanks to your inspiring aid we go on fighting, keeping our hope and creative spirit alive. We feel enormous gratitude to you for all the encouraging messages we got on our e-mail address your warm words reassured us that even in the hardest times we must speak what we feel, not what we ought to say. And so, rehashing the words of Sebastian from Twelfth Night We can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.

We also want to remind you that the members of our Centre are eagerly waiting for your applications for the Fourth international conference Shakespearean code in the global cultural space: Between call and challenge which will be held in Classic Private University, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine on 25-27 September, 2014. Please, submit a filled-in application form up to July, 1, 2014 on the e-mail address: uashakespeare@gmail.com. You can find an application form and more detailed information about this event in the news-letter which was spread by ESRA.

At the moment we are preparing the new issues of our journals Renessansni studii (Renaissance Studies) and Shekspirivskyi dyskurs (Shakespeare discourse). The journal Renaissance Studies deals with the broad range of problems of Renaissance literature, philosophy and culture. The journal Shakespeare discourse publishes scientific articles about Shakespeares biography and writing, it also casts light upon the issues of reception of the Bards legacy (translations, adaptations, parodies, intertextual references, stage versions) and of his influence upon other spheres of intellectual and cultural space (music, painting, education, advertising etc.). If you are interested in the cooperation with us, please, do not hesitate to address the Centre (our e-mail addresses are uashakespeare@gmail.com and renaissance@zhu.edu.ua.

The international conference is the part of the Ukrainian Shakespeare Project 2014 arranged by the Ukrainian Shakespeare Centre. It is the chain of events dedicated to the 450th anniversary of the Bard which will be held in different cities of Ukraine. Working on this project we tried to cover the broadest range of recipients of different ages (school teachers and pupils, students of universities and academies, all other people who are interested in Shakespeare and his writing). Together with the autumn scientific conference the Project includes:

- (all the year round) The mailout campaign Shakescribe.ua for everyone who subscribes to it on the registration page of the project (https://tinyletter.com/Shakescribe_ua). Each week the subscribers get informational e-mails with interesting facts about the wide range of Shakespearean topics (curiosities concerning the Bards biography, screen and stage versions of his plays, Shakespeares presence in modern art and mass-media). All the e-mail issues are supplied with rich illustration materials; each e-mail also contains web-links to pictures, videos, sites that can make the textual information more vivid.

- (spring 2014) The contest among the school-teachers of world literature Shakespeare Lesson 2014. The participants send summaries of the world literature lessons which deal with one of Shakespeares works. The jury, which includes the members of our Centre and teaching staff from all over Ukraine, choose 5 best lesson-summaries. The teachers that are the authors of these summaries are invited to the best schools of Kyiv to give this lesson to the unfamiliar class of pupils. The best lessons will be filmed and recorded on DVDs which will be spread among the Ukrainian teachers of world literature.

- (spring autumn 2014) The contest of research papers dedicated to the Ukrainian reception of Shakespeares works Shakespeare: the Ukrainian version. Young scholars students and post-graduates can take part in the contest. The papers should deal with the intertextual traces of Shakespeares works in Ukrainian literature, with the problems of Ukrainian translations of the Bards legacy, theatrical versions of his plays, etc. This event is sponsored by the Ukrainian National Womens league of America.

- (summer 2014) The intellectual quest for students Shakespeare forever!. Student teams (each has up to 9 members) which represent different cities of Ukraine come to Lviv and compete for the title of Shakespeare experts. They fulfill various tasks answer questions, make project-work, present the results of it. After the competition all the teams can attend some special events Shakespeare theatrical master-classes, Shakespeare coffee-break and the round-table seminars with the leading Ukrainian scientists.

We would appreciate your help and your kind advice in implementing the Ukrainian Shakespeare Project 2014. For us its very important to know about your experience of arranging such events, you can also share with us information about the events that will be held in your country to commemorate the Shakespeares anniversary.

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