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Calls for Papers > Shakespeare: Religion, Psychology, Anthropology (South Africa, July 2016)
Shakespeare: Religion, Psychology, Anthropology (South Africa, July 2016)
Опубликовал(а) Admin 10/02/2016 (778 прочтений)

9th Triennial Congress of the Shakespeare Society of Southern Africa Grahamstown, South Africa, 4–7 July 2016.

Theme: Shakespeare – Religion, Psychology, Anthropology

The conference committee welcomes abstracts on the following topics:

  • Ecological readings of the Shakespeare text
  • Explorations in Shakespeare and cognitive science
  • Shakespeare and ‘the metaphors we live by’ (Lakoff and Johnson)
  • Cultural dissonance in Shakespearean performance and adaptation
  • Tragedy across cultures
  • Shakespeare, psychiatry and psychoanalysis
  • Dramatic identity, character and ‘human natures’ in Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare, nationalism and a ‘national psyche’
  • Playing psychology on stage
  • Shakespeare and the psychology of Empire
  • Religion and conduct in Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare and leadership
  • Shakespeare and violence

Papers illustrating some of these issues through analysis of Shakespearean performance and production in different cultures and countries will be particularly welcome.

Please submit your abstract by 1st March 2016.

For further information please email shakespeare[at]ru.ac.za

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